Sound and Vision

Hi, I'm a filmmaker, editor and writer

based in New York City.

2018 Reel

Directing and Editing


Editor - Drawfee

This is a playlist of videos I edited for College Humor's Drawfee channel.



Debt Relief

Hybrid audio documentary about the debt settlement industry.

Local Paper

Documentary about an unlikely start-up: a local print newspaper in 2017.

Charging Bull

Documentary short about the public and their art.

Fidget Spinner Time Machine

If you had a time machine, what's the petty bulls*** you'd do?

A Sunday in the Park with Bjork

A joyous romp that gleefully breaks copyright laws, so enjoy it before the lawyers at Elektra Records take it down!



 Edited by 

Produced in one week with support of Imagine Science Film Festival


A short comedy made for Robot Co-Lab at The New School

Hello Alice

Work-in-progress film about a poet and dishwasher.




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